Hurtigruten’s Norway

Known for being a 'different' kind of cruise, I was keen to experience Hurtigruten to find out what makes them special and stand out from the rest; and I certainly wasn't disappointed.

Look into the history of Hurtigruten (literally meaning 'fast voyage'), and you'll find it is a truly unique service; a stalwart of the Norwegian coast and offering a great, reliable service to locals and tourists alike.
There is the clean, contemporary décor of a modern cruise ship. The fact that there are many port stops and countless opportunities to jump off and experience 'local' Norway means it is a must-do for the traveller who wants to truly see the destination, and of course the unspoilt scenery.

For those who are interested in photography, the landscape is just beautiful, and a must-capture. The ingredients in the superb on-board meals are sourced locally, literally giving a real 'flavour' of the country. Excursions vary far and wide from husky sledging, to a midnight service at the Arctic Cathedral, to enjoying a visit to the Snow Hotel.

The breath-taking aurora borealis paid us a visit more than once. Each cabin has a radio which can be left on 24/7 to receive alerts. When the captain spotted the green ribbons of light in the distance, we all knew about it, and made our way to the top deck, cameras in hand. Seeing the beautiful aurora is an experience which is firmly etched in my mind and one I won't soon forget. The good news is that the Solar flare maximum we are currently experiencing is set to continue into 2014, peaking in Autumn this year.

Why not try Hunting the Light for yourself, and catch it while you can.

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